At what point is a car not worth fixing? According to the automotive website Edmunds and the product review website Consumer Reports, its time to break up with your car when repair costs begin to exceed the value of the vehicle or one years worth of monthly payments on a replacement. Is it worth repairing […]
What are the pros and cons of a Class C motorhome? Pros and Cons of a Class C Motorhome + Easy to Drive (maybe too easy…) + Cheaper than Class A's. + Extra Over-Cab Storage / Bed. – Smaller Tanks & Exposed to Weather. – Restricting Cab Use While Static. – A Class C motorhome […]
Are transition lenses good for night driving? The strongest argument in favor of using transition lenses for night driving is that they can improve vision in dim light, which is more important for night driving than it is for daytime driving where transition lenses are more useful for blocking glare and sunlight. Can you drive […]
Is Dawn dish soap abrasive? While dish soap like Dawn or Dial does a good job, its considered an abrasive soap, which is why its good at what its made for, which is removing grease and caked-on food, so its not good for your car. What can be used as an abrasive cleaner? Examples of […]