Day: April 5, 2022

After subsequent research, we found that orange juice and vinegar were two substances that claimed to decrease the effects of alcohol without previous experimentation. The most dangerous thing I do is go out and have a drink with my friends. After subsequent research, we found that going out and having a drink with your friends […]
In short, yes. Double-pane windows, insulated glass (IG), otherwise known as dual-pane glass, can have window film applied in both commercial and residential installations. A double-pane glass structure requires an inspection before applying window film. What is the cost of applying window film to a double-pane window? Costs vary, but they are generally more expensive […]
Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, is a type of shatter-resistant, flexible plastic — this material is strong and unlikely to break, whereas glass is easily damaged and potentially dangerous. Acrylic also tends to be even more transparent than glass.Click to see full answer Should I use glass or acrylic?Acrylic is lighter than glass, thus more […]
The Retail Store is open 9am – 6pm (ET) Monday-Saturday (except holidays), and free "in person" tours of our facility are available from 10am – 5pm. The Retail Store and Museum are conveniently located between Greensboro and Burlington, NC, at exit 132 off Interstates 85/40. Were not open on Sundays, but were still available for […]