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Twenty (20) Percent Tint
Twenty percent window shade tint is also called "Factory Tint". Windows tinted at the time the car was manufactured usually have a shade of 15% – 26%.

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Is carbon or ceramic tint better?Although ceramic tint is better than carbon in terms of quality, many clients don't require the level of security that it offers – its shatter-proof feature. Carbon tinting also prevents solar heat gain and sun fading, but for a lower price – ideal if energy-efficiency is the top-concern.

Is ceramic tint better than regular tint?

Ceramic tint offers the best protection, both for you and your cars interior. Offering a new look to the vehicle exterior and heat rejection and UV protection for the interior of the vehicle. Ceramic tint is the best option if you are looking to keep your vehicle cool in the hot summer months.

How good is aftermarket window tinting?

An aftermarket tint is a layer of dyed film fitted inside the glass. Window Tint film comes with the benefits of heat reduction by 40% and UV reduction at a whopping 99% and let's not forget the anti-glare properties of the car tints too.

What does factory tint look like?

Factory tint is simply tinted glass. Unlike aftermarket tint which is a film that is applied to the inside of the window, factory tint is a pigment inside of the glass. This tint cannot be removed or directly altered. The typical visual light transmission (VLT) of the glass is 15-26%.

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Is 30 window tint dark?

Is 30 percent tint dark? A vehicle with a 30% tint will give you a darker appearance but is still very easy to see through making it one of the most popular tint shades. It is considered a medium shade as it is right between 5% which is the darkest and 50% which is a very light tint and considered clear by most.

Is 25% tint dark enough?

If you want limo tint look with white interior as you can see 25% is essentially enough, with 35% you can still see a bit inside.

What percentage is factory tint on f150?

There is a good reason that 35% is the legal tint. A good tint will do the job of keeping the heat out.

What percent is factory tint f150 2018?

15% is perfect. the rear is betwqeen 18-20. the windshield lets in a lot of light so the 15 matches perfect.

Is ceramic tint really better?

The main difference between ceramic tint and regular tint is their ability to protect your vehicle from heat and UV rays from the sun. Ceramic tint excels at blocking heat and UV rays plus it does not interfere with GPS signals and other similar technologies.

Is carbon tint better than tint?

Carbon is a more effective window tint than dyed and metallic window tints. The best part is that it doesn't contain metal content, meaning it won't interfere with cell phones and radio transmissions. Carbon window tint film comes with a matte finish, giving your windows an attractive look.

Is factory tint better than aftermarket?

Having an aftermarket window film installed on your windows over factory tint can greatly reduce your chances of skin issues and help reject up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Another reason aftermarket tint is better is that it helps reject heat unlike factory tint.

What is the difference between aftermarket tint and factory tint?

Factory-tinted glass contains dyes and pigments that are mixed into the glass itself during manufacturing. These additives darken the glass color and prevent some visible light from passing through the windows. Aftermarket window tint is a product applied to the window made from multiple layers of polyester film.

How do I know if my windows are factory tinted?

Factory fitted tinted glass will be smooth, with no bubbles, and the film will come to the edge of the glass since the film is applied before the glass is put into the vehicle. (edit) The more expensive vehicles have the "tint" laminated inside the glass, and will have no "film" at all.

Is 30 or 50 tint darker?

The lower the percentage is, the darker the glass is. So, for glass tinting, the tinting starts from the 5% tinting and ends up with the 25% tinting. If you don't want complete darkness, you just want to block sunlight, UV rays, and heat. Then 50% tinting is the best option for you.

What percent is factory window tint 2020 Ford f150?

The factory tint is around 25% on the rear windows. Got mine tinted a couple of days ago at 23% front side windows and went over the rears with 17%.

What percent is Ford factory window tint?

Twenty percent window shade tint is also called "Factory Tint". Windows tinted at the time the car was manufactured usually have a shade of 15% – 26%.

What percent tint is stock on f150?

I've always gotten 20% to match factory. Price wise it's usually anywhere from 75 to 120. Obviously will go up the better tint you get.

Can you tell the difference between ceramic and regular tint?

Ceramic tints are made using millions of microscopic particles of titanium nitride infused into thin layers of films. Unlike dye-based window films that often fade and discolor over time, ceramic tint will never change colors or fade even after years of exposure to direct sunlight.

How long do carbon tints last?

Poor-quality window film can show signs of color fading under constant and intense sunlight in as little as a few days or weeks, lasting only a few months. However, high-end carbon or ceramic window tint films often have a lifespan measuring more than 5-10 years.