Does paint correction remove scratches?

Paint correction is the process of removing minor scratches and imperfections found in the vehicles clear coat. Using an electric polisher, a microfiber buffing pad, and a special cutting compound, the detailer or you will cut into the clear coat of a vehicle's paint till the scratches are leveled or removed.
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How good is paint correction?If you care about the appearance and longevity of your vehicle, having a paint correction done is absolutely worth it. There is no better way to make your car stand out from the crowd and get some serious attention – even from people with zero knowledge of cars.

How long does a paint correction last?

The exact amount of time that a paint correction job will last depends on the type of wear that the car sees. If the car is mostly for show, a good paint correction job could last years. If the car is used everyday in mild to semi-mild conditions then a paint correction job could only last 6 months.

How often should you do paint correction?

How Often Should You Do Paint Correction?

Detailing Process How Often It Should Be Performed
Exterior decontamination Every 6-12 months
Apply paint protection Every 6-12 months
Apply alloy and glass sealant Every 6-12 months
Paint correction (polish or compound) Only when necessary

What does a paint correction do?

Paint correction is the process of leveling (removing) imperfections in the surface of the paint. This can include a variety of issues and causes like water spots, paint over spray, wash scratches, wipe down marks, bird dropping surface stains, oxidation and buffer holograms.

Is paint correction good for your car?

Paint correction refers to the process of removing the imperfections in a vehicle's finish and restoring it to a better than new finish. The only true way to remove scratches in your vehicle's paint is with the process of paint correction, one of our specialties at The Car Polishing Company.

Can you paint over deep car scratches?

If your scratch is particularly deep and metal is exposed beneath the paint, you might want to use some touch-up primer before the touch-up paint. Before using touch-up paint or primer, like with anything you paint, it's important to prep the surface first.

How many times can a car be paint corrected?

There is no standard number as to how many corrections would it take to wear through the clear coat of any given car. No two cars have exactly the same thickness. Remember the key to maintaining a corrected finish is proper washing techniques that don't re-instill swirls and other defects.