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Is windshield replacement free in South Carolina? South Carolina guarantees windshield replacement at no charge if you have an active personal auto insurance policy that has comprehensive coverage.
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Is it illegal to have a cracked windshield in South Carolina?South Carolina does not have specific regulations on cracks and chips in the windshield. However, the state does have a law that requires insurance companies to waive the deductible for windshield replacement. Based on this, cracks and chips in the driver's view are likely to lead to a traffic stop.

How much does it cost to replace a windshield in SC?

No matter the vehicle size, fully replacing a windshield will likely cost anywhere from $163.30 to $868.97 in South Carolina, which takes into account the full spectrum of values we have in our database for all South Carolina quotes.

Who pays when a rock hits your windshield?

If a rock flies directly from the back of a track and hits your windshield, the company may be responsible for the damage. They can be found liable if you stayed 100 to 150 feet away from the truck and/or if you can show that the truck was overloaded and carrying more rock or gravel than they should have been.

What kind of drug test does Safelite use?

basic urinary testWhat kind of drug test is it. Your basic urinary test or one that can uncover cleanse drinks and trace back from more than 30 days? Yes. There is a pre-employment drug screen.

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How big of a company is Safelite?


Type Privately held company
Services Automobile glass repair
Number of employees 15,000
Parent Belron
Divisions Safelite AutoGlass Service AutoGlass Safelite Solutions

Does South Carolina replace your windshield for free?

Is windshield replacement free in South Carolina? South Carolina guarantees windshield replacement at no charge if you have an active personal auto insurance policy that has comprehensive coverage.

Can you take a drivers test with a cracked windshield South Carolina?

No, you should not take your driver's test with a cracked windshield. Some states will let it pass, but others may hold it against you.

Is it your fault if a rock hits your windshield?

If a piece of debris, rock or gravel falls directly from the back of a truck and hits your vehicle, causing its windshield to crack, then the commercial vehicle's operator is responsible for the damages.

Does your insurance go up if a rock hits your windshield?

This includes your glass being hit by a rock or damaged by vandalism. If your glass or windshield damage came from a car crash, your collision coverage will pay for it — unless another driver caused the accident, that is. In that case, their liability coverage should pay for your damages.

What is Safelite net worth?

Safelite Group's annual revenues are over $500 million (see exact revenue data) and has over 1,000 employees. It is classified as operating in the Automotive Body, Paint, Interior & Glass Repair industry.

What company owns Safelite?

Safelite is a subsidiary of Belron®. Safelite AutoGlass is the largest vehicle glass repair, replacement and recalibration company under one brand in the world.

What states have free windshield replacement?

The three free windshield replacement states are Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina, which waive the car insurance deductible for windshield repair or replacement and so are referred to as having free windshield replacement or as zero deductible states.

What is the modified driving test in SC?

Modified skills tests consist of the same skills that a traditional road test would entail. However, the license applicant is in the car alone while the SCDMV examiner scores and monitors the applicant's skills from outside the vehicle.

What do you do if your truck throws a rock at your windshield?

Here's the basic breakdown: If a rock or other debris falls off a truck and strikes your vehicle, the company is responsible. If the rock falls off the truck and hits the road first and then damages your vehicle, the company is not responsible.

What do you do when a rock cracks your windshield?

Access the Damage
Use a magnifying glass to inspect the damage. If there are visible cracks, hairline cracks, or scratches on the surface, you may need to replace your entire windshield. Generally, after any damage to the windshield, it's a good idea to take your automobile to a professional.

What happens if a rock hits my windshield?

Generally speaking, if there is a chip or crack that is smaller than six inches, your windshield can be repaired. If the crack is larger than six inches, your windshield probably needs to be replaced. If you are in doubt, consult with a professional auto glass repair shop.

Is Safelite publicly traded?

Safelite is a privately held.]

What companies does Belron own?

About Belron
These include Carglass®, Safelite®, Autoglass®, Lebeau®, O'Brien®, and Smith&Smith®. You can find out more about Belron at

Does Florida replace windshields for free?

Windshield Replacement
If you live in Florida and you have full coverage auto insurance and/or comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy, you qualify to have your windshield replaced for free!