Should you wax over rust?

It is recommended that the metalwork be waxed as often as fine furniture, but this may be excessive in many cases. If a spot of rust develops, simply rub it out with emery cloth and apply a coat of clear wax. Then wax as needed to maintain the finish.
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Should you wax a car with rust?The important thing to remember is that a simple car wash and wax will not guarantee you a rust free car. You need to use a lubricant such as WD-40 for this job. With a coating of WD-40 to the necessary areas.

Can you put wax over rust?

While we generally think of applying a quality paste wax over wood — such as a stained piece of furniture or even one finished with a chalk paint — wax can also be applied over metal, such as this iron band on the inside of my Arts and Crafts antique wastebasket.

Does car wax protect against rust?

Wax acts as a paint sealant and will seal any dirt, grease, or rust to your car. Wax can provide protection from moisture, corrosion, and oxidation from the outside, but anything on your car when you apply the wax can still cause damage.

Should you wax over rust?

Most rust will form literally from inside and will eventually progress to the outside, not the other way around. Waxing (or, over-waxing) will do nothing to prevent this.