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PlasterPlaster is a Hardware store product that I often use to replace Modeling/Molding Paste because it yields the same results for a fraction of the cost.15 Click to see full answer What is modeling paste made of? What is Modeling Paste? Modeling paste is gel medium with marble dust or other filler added to create […]
Try a fan or blow dryer Moving air around fondant gets the drying process going. Place fondant pieces on a cookie sheet lined with parchment or waxed paper, then set the sheet in front of a stationary fan. It'll still take a few hours (up to overnight) to dry your fondant pieces, but the overall […]
If your trim is in good condition and you just want to do a quick change to the color, you can simply clean it, tape it off, and paint based on what's already on the trim (oil-based over oil-based, latex over latex). If you're not sure if your trim is in good condition, or if […]
It is very versatile — you can use it for a range of windshield types including those with pre-applied adhesive (PAAS) systems or PVC/encapsulated glass. This fast-drying one-part primer requires no activator. It is excellent for corrosion protection when used for minor touch-ups on pinchweld scratches.Click to see full answer Can I use silicone to […]