What is the cost of 12 mm glass?

12Mm Toughened Glass at Rs 150/square feet | Badshahapur | Gurgaon| ID: 11156315530.
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What is the rate of 5 mm glass?Saint gobain Transparent 5mm Plain Glass, Rs 58 /square feet Agarwal Glass House | ID: 11812393933.

What is the price of glass?

The price of Toughened Glass products is between ₹175 – ₹198 per sq ft during Mar '21 – Feb '22. These are indicative values based on popular product prices.

What is glass price?

Price Range

Glass Type / Size Toughened Glass Non-Toughened Glass
6 mm Rs. 50 Rs. 85
8 mm Rs. 70 Rs. 105
10 mm Rs. 80 Rs. 115
12 mm Rs. 90 Rs. 135

How much weight can a tempered glass hold?

Tempered glass can withstand a pressure of 24,000 psi without breaking. A piece that is 11 by 16 inches with a thickness of 3/16 inch can support about 240 pounds.

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How strong is a tempered glass?

Technically speaking, tempered glass has a minimum surface compression of 10,000 pounds-per-square-inch (psi) and minimum edge compression of 9,700 psi, according to ASTM C1048. That makes it about four times stronger than annealed glass.

How much does 4mm thick glass cost?

Toughened glass, otherwise known as tempered glass or security glass, is commonly used in windows, doors and staircases in homes.
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Toughened glass thickness Average cost (per m2)
4mm £20
8mm £49
10mm £61
12mm £83

Is 6mm glass strong?

6mm Toughened Glass is up to five times stronger than ordinary (float) glass of the same thickness. Because of its increased strength, Toughened Glass allows architects and builders far greater scope in their use of glass in buildings.